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I just want to operate a wood working shop, why do I need a traffic engineer?

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Social scientists have established a school of thought known as the social contract theory. To distill it in a few words, when we all decided to live together we, in essence, agreed to give up some of our rights to respect and protect others. This is the central ethos behind government regulations sometimes referred to as police power (not necessarily the police). Over the years this has become more and more sophisticated as the evolution of society has progressed through the years.

The end result is a myriad of regulations, permits, processes, and a whole bunch of frustrations. If you are a small business owner it can be quite daunting to navigate the morass that is public permitting.

As a veteran of the public sector e-rum group's principal advisor has seen both sides of this challenge from that of a user of real estate and as a regulator of real estate. While we can't offer you legal or engineering advice, we can offer our insight into the process and make recommendations on the business aspect of this process having supervised these types of professionals for decades.

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